JD of BPM Manager (Business Process Management)

Position:    BPM Manager (Business Process Management)

Location:    Shanghai or Beijing

Industry Type:     Management Consulting

Company:     Global business and IT consulting company

Key Responsibilities:

  • Take leadership in conducting client communication and proposal writing during business developing phase.
  • As stream in-charge, work independently or lead a small team of 2-3 to conduct client interviews, understand issues and analyze requirements.
  • Develop solutions based by applying company and other consulting tools and methodologies with limited supervision.
  • Lead workshop or presentation delivery.
  • Act as on-site project manager as required.


  • University degree or
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JD of Talent Management Senior Consultant

Position:    Talent Management Senior Consultant

Location:    Beijing / Shanghai

Industry Type:     HR Consulting

Company:     A global leader Talent and Career Management


Achieves of assigned practice goals contributing to the overall achievement of the regional and group plan; supports and contributes to the region’s business development and revenue generation. Organizes and leads team of professionals and support personnel to design, train and facilitate client strategy sessions, workshops, seminars, individual and team consulting sessions providing a comprehensive, integrated human resources solutions that consistently exceed client expectations with optimum efficiency ···>>> More Detailed

JD of SCM Solution Senior Manager

Position:    SCM Solution Senior Manager

Report to:     SCM Consulting Director

Location:    Shanghai, China

Job Type:     Management Consulting in SCM Domain

Company:     A global leading business and IT consulting company.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Designed the value proposition and proposal for the SCM solution based process implementation
  • Developed the process improvement proposal with strong to-be images to facilitate the required SCM system design and development
  • SCM diagnostics and operational improvement design in strategy, planning and execution for Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Hi-Tech clients
  • Manages services engagements including interactions with client project
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职位描述 项目经理

职位名称:    项目经理

工作地点:    上海

公司性质:    国内综合软件和服务提供商,是国内最早专业从事城市信息化领域服务的企业之一



  • 按照公司和事业部的项目管理规范,实施项目日常管理,制定项目计划,进行项目的范围、进度、成本、质量、风险等方面控制
  • 做好项目团队的管理、对项目团队的成员进行工作指导
  • 组织项目启动、验收等工作
  • 与项目的直接客户、间接客户保持良好的沟通,提升客户满意度。能够及时发现和挖掘新的商机。
  • 与公司其他部门或其他项目组保持良好协作
  • 事业部安排的其他任务


  • 掌握项目管理相关的知识和常用工具
  • 有较多政府行业项目管理经验
  • 有软件开发技术背景,熟悉软件设计开发的流程
  • 掌握系统集成知识者优先
  • 以往带过的项目团队人数5人以上
  • 良好的敬业精神,团队合作精神,能承受工作压力


职位描述 资深系统分析师

职位名称:    资深系统分析师(Oracle制造或JDE流通)

工作地点:    上海或南京

工作类别:    国内咨询公司软件产品顾问

公司性质:    中国领先的IT服务提供商



  • 负责公司主力产品(TT)的制造系统或流通系统的功能规划和设计开发;
  • 负责系统功能开发的项目管理与过程监控,确保项目进程、资源争取与开发质量;
  • 总结开发经验、形成开发知识文档,并进行内部知识共享。



  • 本科及以上学历,计算机或相关专业;
  • 在Oracle制造领域或JDE流通领域,担任系统分析师至少2年;
  • 具备系统开发经验;
  • 有制造业或流通业行业经验更佳