How to let enterprises quickly find the right IT talent to complete the project?

  • In recent years, the cost of IT personnel has increased dramatically, and it is difficult to find the right talent for the right project;
  • The company’s headcounts limitation;
  • Increasing labor costs caused by women’s third phase;
  • Recruitment difficulties due to business changes;
  • Employment risks caused by transfer of employment;
  • Simplify personnel processes and improve personnel work efficiency.

With the changes in the domestic talent market environment, the demand for talents in various industries is increasing, and more and more companies feel the limitations of traditional human resource management methods and conventional human resource outsourcing forms-recruitment difficulties, employment risks, limited staffing, employees Insufficient competencies, temporary employment difficulties and women’s third-phase issues are all the difficulties often encountered by human resources workers in enterprises. In view of this, Geeker Consulting has launched a customizable job and business outsourcing solution to help companies break through the conventional human resource management bottleneck, achieve flexible employment management, and avoid employment risks.

Outsourcing Service Process