How do we identify Most Placeable Candidate?




1. Does the Candidate have a realistic notice period?


  Dose the Candidate have skills in demand?


2. Are the skill unique? (U.S.P.)


3. Are Candidate's educational qualifications satisfactory?


4. Is the Candidate realistic about their expectations? (Note: Being realistic falls into a number of different categories-Job goals, job title, duties and responsibilities, package, location,must be taken - we have itemised some of the points which would need to be taken into consideration, but cannot list them all.)


5. Does the Candidate have mutual respect for the Consultant? Does he/she understand the Consultant's role in the recruitment process? Will the Candidate
work with the Consultant to bring the recruitment process to a positive conclusion?


6. Are the Candidate's presentation skill in line with his/her peers?


7. Does the Candidate have a sense of urgency about the move? Is the Candidate committed to making a change?


8. Does the Candidate have excellent relevant knowledge for the opportunity they are seeking? Do they understand the marketplace?


9. Can the Candidate's career progression be clearly identified? Is the Candidate ambitious?


10. Gut feeling about the Candidate?