JD of VP Account Leader-APJ Region

POSITION:    VP Account Leader-APJ Region

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Digital Marketing, Digital Studio

COMPANY:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency



  • An Account Leader who is passionate about forming and driving successful client relationships
  • Has experience in managing growth and evolution of relationships between $5 million and $15 million in annual net revenues (this excludes media spend)
  • Can lead complex multi dimensional engagements that combine agency services, data management, consulting, and large technology deployments
  • Possesses a charismatic, engaging personality and can successfully interact
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JD of IT Application Specialist

POSITION:    IT Application Specialist

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Software R&D/.Net

REPORT TO:    Sr. IT Consultant

COMPANY:     The world’s leading provider of food and support services


  • Develop and maintain the ERP system for business.
  • Work with the purchase dept to develop the DC work process.
  • Work with HR to optimize / minimize labor, including attendance record, OT recording

  • Develop efficient system of tasks through standardization and leveraging of best practice
  • Improve the stability of the system to increase the productivity.
  • To ensure data security and accuracy.
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JD of .Net Specialist

POSITION:    GSM .Net Specialist

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Software R&D/Architect/.Net

COMPANY:     The global leading financial service group


We are looking for a strong .Net specialist who has outstanding knowledge and experience in .NET and database architect and development. Candidate will work along with global team to build a sales, risk management and pricing application.


  • Design application architecture standards that can be applied to multiple applications.
  • Provide architectural analysis and system design reviews.
  • Write code for application frameworks.
  • Refactor code in active code bases.
  • Educate
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JD of Senior Software Engineer

POSITION:    Senior Software Engineer

LOCATION:   Beijing, China

JOB TYPE:   Software development/ R&D

REPORT TO: Software Development Manager

COMPANY:   Global asset management firm focusing on relative value strategies across a full range of financial markets.


We’re seeking a Senior Developer to assist our growing firm. This position is an individual contributor role in a development team with significant product ownership.


The ideal candidate will have 5+ years software development experience. Responsibilities include:

  • Design, develop and maintain applications using Microsoft .Net Platform using C#/C++
  • Utilizes development skills
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技术顾问-Oracle DBA方向

职位名称:    技术顾问-Oracle DBA方向

工作地点:    上海

工作类别:    技术支持/Oracle DBA

公司性质:    全球前10大ERP公司之一, 1983年成立于瑞典,公司拥有2000多家客户,目前在50多个国家中有2700多名员工。


  • 安装数据库及公司应用系统
  • 升级数据库及公司应用系统
  • 解决客户使用遇到的数据库、中间件问题
  • 协助客户完成系统的硬件架构
  • 数据库优化
  • 公司应用系统的管理员培训
  • 与二线、R&D沟通有关客户疑难问题


  • 计算机专业毕业,精通英语。
  • 具有五年以上Oracle 数据库经验,如安装,优化调试,升级及问题跟踪。
  • 具有五年以上PL SQL相关经验。
  • 具有ERP相关知识
  • 具有Web-logic经验优先
  • 具有.NET, Java开发知识优先。
  • 具有OCP证书优先。
  • 能够承受工作压力,合理分配时间。
  • 具有良好的团队合作精神和良好的学习能力。
  • 能够适应出差。

JD of Technical Consultant

职位名称:    Technical Consultant

工作地点:    上海

工作类别:    软件开发/技术顾问

公司性质:    全球前10大ERP公司之一, 1983年成立于瑞典,公司拥有2000多家客户,目前在50多个国家中有2700多名员工。


  • 掌握公司技术开发平台,熟悉公司ERP/EAM等基本应用系统;
  • 与应用顾问沟通,确定技术方案,编写技术文档;
  • 根据文档,在公司开发平台上开发标准系统的客户化,并进行代码管理;
  • 对所开发的客户化进行功能测试;
  • 开发各类报表;
  • 协助Support部门解决系统BUG问题;
  • 负责培训客户或新同事开发流程;
  • 不断的学习公司新的技术平台。



  • 掌握 VS .Net开发环境;
  • 精通C#,PL SQL开发语言;
  • 熟悉数据结构,有建立数据模型经验;
  • 熟悉Crystal Report 或其他报表开发工具;
  • 较好的英语沟通能力;
  • 富有团队合作精神;
  • 掌握Oracle 数据库基本知识,有Oracle DBA经验更佳。

JD of Support Technical Consultant

POSITION:    Support Technical Consultant

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Technical Support/Oracle DBA

REPORT TO:    Customer Care Manager

COMPANY:     A European public software company founded in 1980’s, the company is present in more than 50 countries.


  • Resolve clients’ issues timely and independently.
  • Work with global technical support team to solve clients’ issues.
  • Works to continuously enhance and expand troubleshooting and communication skills.
  • Provide input on best practices for support service delivery.


  • Good knowledge on WebLogic, Oracle Database and PL SQL programming, more than 3 year Oracle
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职位描述 Silverlight高级软件工程师

职位名称:    Silverlight 高级软件工程师

工作地点:    上海

工作类别:    开发工程师

公司性质:    制造业业务流程咨询和DMS系统解决方案提供商



  • 负责项目的构架、设计和核心开发;
  • 参加项目的概要设计和详细设计,撰写相关技术文档;
  • 搭建系统开发环境,完成系统框架和核心代码;
  • 指导软件工程师的日常开发工作,解决开发中的技术问题;
  • 协助完成项目的测试、系统交付工作;
  • 根据项目需要,提出平台需求。



  • 计算机相关专业,5年以上asp.net(c#)开发经验,不包括毕业实习经验,本科以上学历,有学位证书;
  • 精通Silverlight 或者WPF 的开发,3年以上的相关开发经验;
  • 熟悉ORACLE、SQLSERVER数据库,具有SQL Server或oracle数据库设计和开发经验;
  • 精通B/S开发流程和开发文档的编写,并具备一定的策划分析能力;
  • 熟悉HTML、JavaScript、XML 、CSS、Ajax等相关WEB技术;
  • 精通.NET开发语言。 熟悉.NET多层开发和分布式应用体系结构;
  • 有良好的敬业精神、学习能力和团队协作能力;
  • 有良好的技术文档习惯;
  • 具有规范化,标准化的代码编写习惯;
  • 可阅读英文的技术文档的能力;

JD of Senior Software Engineer (BI+DW)

POSITION:    Senior Software Engineer (BI+DW)

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     In-house IT R&D center position

COMPANY:     The largest privately owned English training company in the world, with over 200 schools worldwide and over 80 schools in China


As senior software engineer, you’ll play a major role during business solutions development, enhancements and subsequent support activities, working with a dynamic global team with project managers, business stakeholders and other technical experts to enable cutting-edge English-training products and global operation.


  • Be responsible for data warehouse design and
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JD of Application Manager (Regional IT Manager)

Position:    Application Manager (Regional IT Manager)

Report to: Regional IT Director

Location:    Shanghai China

Industry Type:    Luxury Industry

Company:     A global Prestige Brands group

Key Responsibilities:

  • Has the ability to collect, identify, filter and formalize process and applications evolution needs and then convey them to appropriate organization (Regional IT)
  • Manage Regional Application evolutions (Great Plains, RMS, SAP, Cognos, X-net etc.)
  • Train and support owners and key users
  • Manage changes, evolutions and maintenance of Regional applications
  • Collect and organize the sharing of best practices, animate “user clubs” per IS
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