JD of Computer Vision Research

POSITION:    Computer Vision Research

LOCATION:    Beijing, China

JOB TYPE:     Computer Vision and Machine/Deep Learning

COMPANY:     Top AI Company in China.


  • Advance the state of the art in computer vision and machine/deep learning.
  • Build key applications in computer vision and machine/deep learning.
  • Deploy the technologies in business scenarios.


  • Background: machine/deep learning, computer vision (e.g., classification, detection, segmentation, tracking, and 3D reconstruction); image or signal processing; computational photography; computer graphics.
  • Solid coding skills.
  • Knowledgeable on the latest research results, public benchmarks, and open source systems.
  • Self-motivated, good communication skills, and good team player.
  • Being familiar with one of script languages like Python is a plus.
  • Having experience on deep learning frameworks (e.g, Caffe, TensorFlow, MXNet, Torch) is a plus.
  • Having the research experience (e.g., the author of one or more conference or journal papers) is preferred in the following areas: deep learning, computer vision, video analysis, 3D reconstruction/SLAM, and computer graphics
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