JD of Senior Software Quality Assurance

Position:    Senior Software Quality Assurance

Location:    Shanghai or Nanjing

Job Type:     Test Engineer

Company:     Leader in Database Marketing. Customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency


This isn’t your typical QA analyst job. We’re looking for someone join our team to test and validate the design, implementation, and performance of our next-generation marketing technology. This person will be part of the core team in the Enterprise Technology Group tasked with designing, developing and deploying best-in-class customer database integration technology.

For this role, the right candidate will be:

  1. A solid developer. You understand how good software gets built and you leverage that knowledge when creating a test plan and building tests that will exercise, validate, and break that software. You are capable of writing production code but you choose not to because you are passionate about QA.


  2. A proven producer. You can point to major websites and talk about how you helped make them bullet-proof. You can also look at web-based applications that you didn’t test and immediately suggest a dozen aspects of their app that you would test with thoughts about how you’d do it.


  3. Knowledgeable of existing technologies, passionate about new technologies, and experienced to know when to recommend which ones for which jobs. The world of automated testing is changing daily. You know what you did yesterday and why you’d do something different today – or why the same approach is still valid.


  4. An effective generalist across technologies outside your specific domain of expertise, including databases, mobile apps, interfacing with legacy technologies, cross-browser support, etc.


  5. Comfortable working in a start-up-like environment. We’re building the team while we’re building our product – and we like it that way.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure product quality of the entire platform from UI through back-end services including scalability and reliability.
  • Understand the testing requirements of the feature/system/service you are testing and document the test plans/cases you will ultimately build/execute.
  • Facilitate test-driven development, not only of the automated tests that you will build, but as an approach that all developers on the team should embrace
  • Implement automated testing wherever practical and appropriate.
  • Follow Agile testing principles and continuously review, implement and communicate process improvements and quality metrics to the team.
  • Ability to dive deep on technical issues with developers.
  • Ability to create and drive the test plans/team from the ground up.
  • Recommend automated testing frameworks & tools as needed and appropriate, driven by the testing requirements that the project suggests.
  • Provide input and vision for testing needs as the company grows.


  • Minimum 2 years’ experience performing QA in a big data environment
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience performing QA against NoSQL applications (PIG, HIVE, etc.)
  • Experience enhancing software engineering quality by building quality into the development process
  • Experience enhancing software engineering deliverables by automating the detection of quality issues as early as possible in the SDLC.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

Additionally, the successful candidates will have experience in two or more of the following testing specialties:

  • Experience testing and deploying automated testing in virtualized and load-balanced environments.
  • Experience with defect tracking systems (e.g., Bugzilla, Jira, Trac, etc.) and use of automation and product-specific APIs to interact with them programmatically
  • Experience with test case management/execution tools and an understanding of how those tools are used in an automated testing environment
  • Experience with SQL databases, including validation of data at rest as well as testing of services dependent on back-end databases.
  • Experience with big data platforms preferred (Terradata, Netezza, etc.).
  • Experience with NoSQL datastores, including validation of data at rest as well as testing of services dependent on back-end databases.
  • Experience performance & load testing and benchmarking web applications using various approaches.
  • Experience using automated testing frameworks.
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