JD – Director of IT Software License Compliance

POSITION:    Director IT Software License Compliance

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     IT Security, Software License Compliance

COMPANY:     A global diversified technology and industrial leader


Position has broad discretionary responsibility to embed controllership and governance into the contractual compliance of COMPANY IT Supplier Agreements. Specifically, to ensure that the Corporation is compliant with its contractual obligations for Software Licenses, Leased Computer Hardware, and IT related Services where the Services require measurement and periodic reporting to the Supplier. Scope of the position is Global and extends to all Business Units, to Joint Ventures where COMPANY is providing the IT services, and to acquisitions and divestiture situations where consumption of such Licenses, Services and Hardware is in transition. Position is required to keep senior IT Executives apprised of our compliance status and to drive preventative or corrective action as needed to ensure COMPANY is always compliant to our contractual obligations.


  • Define the overall program roadmap, policies, standards for the mitigation of IT compliance risks
  • Develop a comprehensive governance process to ensure that systematic measurement of COMPANY’s use of Licenses, Services and Hardware is performed. Publish a schedule of measurement activities, align resources and track completion to schedule.
  • Establish and partner with a core team of representatives at each Business Unit and Corporate to assist and support this process through the gathering of required information at their respective BU or Corporate locations.
  • Establish and maintain a Corporate repository that includes relevant information for each supplier/contract. Information to be recorded includes the contractual terms that establish the measurement criteria, COMPANY’s entitlement under such criteria, and COMPANY’s Consumption as measured by such criteria.
  • Serve as the leader and subject matter expert for IT Compliance matters.
  • Train and educate Corporate and BU staff to ensure that the usage metrics are understood and to assist the BU and Corporate representatives to develop a comprehensive, repeatable measurement process using a combination of tools , process and scheduling.
  • Seek out and remediate situations where potential compliance risk problems may occur and be unrecognized. For example in virtualized environments, hardware changes, or other situations where one IT groups actions may inadvertently result in a compliance situation.
  • Develop checklists and awareness bulletins to keep the Global IT groups aware of our Compliance obligations.
  • Liason with all BU senior IT VPs and Finance VPs to ensure all are aware of any pending Compliance Issues and to provide a high level Compliance status report.
  • Become an active participant at ISLT events and various IT committees and influence any emerging situation to prevent a potential compliance issue.
  • Remain current on emerging technologies, licensing and financial concepts, practices and procedures
  • Lead the COMPANY response team in all Supplier Audit Situations and participate to mediate legal disputes between suppliers and the corporation


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (Masters Preferred)
  • Experience in the IT Audit / Compliance field
  • Must have 15 or more years relevant experience in a high tech environment with additional experience in multi-cultural, global organizations, preferably in the top Fortune 100 grouping.
  • Demonstrated Experience with Intellectual Property Licensing / Metrics, Data Center and PC Equipment, Telecom Equipment and Services, and Service Agreements.
  • Experience developing and implementing Compliance Control Systems and Methods
  • Strong communications and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills compatible with COMPANY leadership expectations model and employee engagement and team principles.
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