JD of Project Manager

POSITION:    Project Manager (Terminal Operating Systems)

LOCATION:    Shanghai/Beijing, China

JOB TYPE:     Consulting project management

REPORT TO:    VP of Great China

COMPANY:     Global terminal operation solution provider


  • Performs system development and implementation tasks for consulting project activities.
  • Determines client project requirements and estimates scope and costs of client assignment.
  • Leads team in providing technical solutions for a project.
  • Assists in assigning work, coordinating work assignments and training other team members.


  • Manages complex software implementations to meet budget, schedule and quality goals
  • Establishes project scope, requirements
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职位描述 资深JAVA工程师/专家 – 开放平台

职位名称:    资深JAVA工程师/专家 – 开放平台

工作地点:    上海

工作类别:    技术类/开发类

公司性质:    国内领先的面向企业和开发者,提供精准位置服务运营的平台型互联网公司



  • 负责大型互联网平台及业务项目的开发,进行架构设计、应用设计和核心模块编码实现;
  • 维护和升级现有软件服务,快速定位并修复现有软件缺陷;
  • 负责互联网应用的高效、安全的运行,对代码质量和服务性能有天生的追求。


  • JAVA基础扎实:精通多线程编程,面向对象设计/设计模式,性能优化;
  • 熟悉Linux系统的使用,基本的Shell脚本编写, 常用的Tomcat / Nginx / Apache的安装配置;
  • 熟悉Java Web开发,有良好的软件工程知识和编码规范意识,精通web软件分层设计;
  • 关系型数据库设计及SQL,熟悉MySQL/HBase等数据和分布式存储的使用和原理;
  • 熟练掌握目前流行开源框架(Spring/SpringMVC/MyBatis等);
  • 具有基于SOA架构的复杂业务系统开发经验。

JD of Data Analyst

POSITION:    Data Analyst

LOCATION:    Shenzhen, China

REPORT TO:    Customer Operations Manager, Global Services

COMPANY:     The leader in cloud platform of global supply chain management


Support with transaction system and CRM system for data management, analysis and manipulation. Perform a variety of tasks related to collecting, organizing, and interpreting statistical information.


  • Assist with CRM system (like Salesforce) data management issues and data integration.
  • Regularly perform data reconciliation, classification and data cleansing exercises.
  • Administer the storage of information/data.
  • Determine the source of required data, format data
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JD of Development-Associate Director

POSITION:    Development-Associate Director

LOCATION:   Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:   Digital Marketing, Digital Studio

COMPANY: The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency


Position Summary:

Development Associate Directors are responsible for the detailed design, development and delivery of multi-terabyte marketing solutions that integrate and optimize our client’s data across numerous sources. Our solutions enable our clients to better communicate to their customer and prospects across a number of marketing channels and media. Once hired, the qualified candidate will be immersed in the development and maintenance of marketing ···>>> More Detailed

JD of Senior PL/SQL Developer

POSITION:    Senior PL/SQL developer

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:    Senior database developer

COMPANY:    A banking IT software


As a member of the development team based in Shanghai, you will be in charge to develop specific part of our solution.. Under the guidance of your manager, you are in charge of developing new solution including analysis, documentation and testing.


  • Participate in technical analysis.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and management to define architecture design and planning.
  • Develop solution using Company standards and product.
  • Build Testing and non regression
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JD of IT Application Specialist

POSITION:    IT Application Specialist

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Software R&D/.Net

REPORT TO:    Sr. IT Consultant

COMPANY:     The world’s leading provider of food and support services


  • Develop and maintain the ERP system for business.
  • Work with the purchase dept to develop the DC work process.
  • Work with HR to optimize / minimize labor, including attendance record, OT recording

  • Develop efficient system of tasks through standardization and leveraging of best practice
  • Improve the stability of the system to increase the productivity.
  • To ensure data security and accuracy.
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JD of IT Manager

POSITION:    IT Manager

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     In-House IT

REPORT TO:    Finance Director

COMPANY:     The world’s leading provider of food and support services


Lead the IT team to provide IT support to the whole company, and well manage the design, implementation, and maintenance of IT solutions. Define technical short and long-term visions and associated strategic direction for development, maintenance, and support of applications, which can meet the business development of the company. Drive optimization and efficiency across multiple technology delivery teams. Oversee development tasks and review ···>>> More Detailed

JD of Senior Database Data Warehouse ETL Developer

POSITION:    Senior Database Data Warehouse ETL Developer

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Senior ETL developer

COMPANY:     A Customer Relationship marketing Agency


Our development team design and implement multi-terabyte operational marketing databases that integrate our client’s data with demographic data for prospects and consumers.

Our databases typically house a hundred million individuals and billions of transactions. You will lead and perform the development and maintenance of large-scale database/data warehouse solutions to meet client business objectives, and have an opportunity to work with a cross-disciplinary team across various divisions ···>>> More Detailed

JD of BO Developer

POSITION:    BO Developer

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     SAP Business Object Developer

COMPANY:     The global leading financial service group


  • Analyze customer requirements, design and develop the report.
  • Work out the BO design and development with documents.
  • Finish the Test, installation, deployment and maintains work.


  • Over 3 years’ work experience in SAP Business Object.
  • Over 3 years’ work experience in MS SQL Server database and good skill in SQL script.
  • Excellent English oral and written skills.
  • Familiar with CRM/Seibel data structure is plus.
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JD of Digital Operation Associate, Operation & Innovation

POSITION:    Digital Operations Associate, Operations & Innovation

LOCATION:    Shanghai/Singapore

JOB TYPE:     Technical Support/Digital Operation

REPORT TO:    Director Global Operations & Innovation

COMPANY:     A world leading French cosmetics group.


This position will be responsible for support and solution delivery of global ecommerce projects for COMPANY.


  • Monitor and maintain portfolio of domestic and international ecommerce sites.
  • Define and create use cases and value proposition through market research and create metrics for data-driven and value-driven business decisions.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with internal and external resources providing outstanding, rapid-response
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