JD of Sales Leader

Position:    Sales Leader Location:    Shanghai, China Industry Type:     Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Company:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency with a team of over 1,700 exceptionally talented people working throughout the United States, China and the UK. Introduction: The COMPANY Sales Leader is responsible for the growth of COMPANY’s revenue through the acquisition…

职位描述 SAP BASIS顾问

职位名称:    SAP Basis顾问 工作地点:    上海 公司性质:    全球性IT信息咨询及系统集成管理提供商   作为Basis顾问,独立负责设计、实施、维护SAP整体Infra环境及其相关计划管理   工作职责  SAP Basis的经验3年以上,具备独立进行SAP Basis项目实施的能力 熟练掌握SAP Basis技术(Installation, Upgrades, System copy, Apply patch, Kernel update, TMS admin, Authorization admin, Monitoring, Disaster recovery, SAP solution manager install/config, SAP Router install/config等) 熟练掌握Windows/Linux/Unix等操作系统,Oracle/SQL Server/MaxDB等数据库 具备Sizing, Landscape design, performance tuning, SAP archive等经验 较强的适应能力和自学能力 如有ABAP经验更好   任职资格 英语流利 英语尚可日语有基础(3级以上)