JD of Senior Quality Assurance

POSITION:    Senior Quality Assurance

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China    

JOB TYPE:     Quality Assurance

COMPANY:     A global top ERP solution provider


  • Work with software development team to develop test cases and write test plans
  • Execute test plans
  • Clearly and effectively document any issues identified during testing
  • Develop regression tests for validation as well as performance monitoring
  • Implement automated testing
  • Work with consultants and support teams to reproduce issues reported by clients
  • Configure and maintain multiple test environments (for different release versions)


  • Desired Skills and Experience
  • 3-5+ years of
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JD of (Sr.)Marketing Analytics Manager

POSITION:    (Sr.) Marketing Analytics Manager

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Analytics Manager

COMPANY:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency


The Marketing Analysis Manager will conduct quantitative analysis for clients in support of the development of effective marketing programs. This role will be responsible for managing projects, timelines and deliverables as well as mentoring junior analysts, contributing to their technical and career development. The primary mission will be to standardize processes in order to maximize efficiency, increase the speed of deliverables, and decrease errors.···>>> More Detailed

JD of DAG (Digital Agency Group) Head

POSITION:    DAG (Digital Agency Group) Head

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Department Lead

COMPANY:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency


The Director will manage a diverse digital marketing team of media planners, buyers and web consultants. This digital leader will partner with the Company’s US based client teams to oversee the delivery of cross channel media programs that include Search, Email and Display. This digital leader is expected to have a broad range of experience within these disciplines, as well as a sharp ···>>> More Detailed

JD of Application Architect

POSITION:    Application Architect

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     IT Architect

REPORT TO:    IT Head, Asia Pacific

COMPANY:     A Fortune 100 company


The Application Architect is responsible for building an Application Architecture and supporting roadmaps for High Growth Regions taking into consideration unique local/regional business requirements and overall Enterprise Architecture direction and initiatives.

Directly support and assist in shaping HGR strategy / growth programs from information technology (connectivity/integration) perspective with Engineering and product platform leaders.

Provide leading solutions to business and engineering teams to improve the quality and ···>>> More Detailed

JD of 技术总监

职位名称:    技术总监

工作地点:    上海

工作类别:    技术管理

公司性质:    高端礼品定制电子商务公司




  • 了解目前beta版本的设计,基于未来全面运营的需求,对系统架构进行进一步完善与设计;
  • 带领团队 ,组织开发,包括APP、web服务、微信对接三大业务模块;
  • 亲自进行部分核心代码的开发;
  • 系统性能调优、线上问题解决。


  • 精通PHP、或 html5+js 或 IOS APP 或 android APP 其中一种开发,并能协调其他工程师;
  • 熟悉Linux/UNIX等操作系统,能有效管理运维工作;
  • 逻辑性强,能设计高效的数据结构、接口逻辑;
  • 如果是前端工程师出身,最好熟悉beta版本使用的Angular、jquery框架。
  • 热爱技术,喜欢钻研,了解最新的技术发展趋势;
  • 有过10人以上、多工种的技术团队管理经验,但并没有脱离技术一线,自己也会做一些代码编写
  • 对产品用自己的看法,能给产品提出一些意见或建议

JD of Head of E-Commerce

POSITION:    Head of E-Commerce

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     E-Commerce Operation/Management

COMPANY:     European Apparel Company.


Responsible for the company’s e-commerce business in China. Grow sales while maintaining high profit margin, and continuously look for new business opportunities.


  • Formulate and execute the e-commerce strategy. Grow sales revenue and manage online retail P&L.
  • Lead and control the daily operation of the official website, Tmall store and other future new online channels.
  • Build natural and paid traffic on all online channels by developing online marketing plan, online advertising
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JD of Senior Database Data Warehouse ETL Developer

Senior Database Data Warehouse ETL Developer

LOCATION: Shanghai

JOB TYPE: ETL Developer

COMPANY: The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency



The development team design and implement multi-terabyte operational marketing databases that integrate the client’s data with demographic data for prospects and consumers.

The databases typically house a hundred million individuals and billions of transactions.

This role will lead and perform the development and maintenance of large-scale database/data warehouse solutions to meet client business objectives, and have an opportunity to work with a ···>>> More Detailed

JD of Customer Support Analyst

POSITION:    Customer Support Analyst

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Technical Support/Technical Analyst/Customer Support

REPORT TO:    Customer Support Manager

COMPANY:     Top ERP/SCM firm, a leading provider of innovative supply chain management worldwide



This company is a leader in global supply chain management, offering a broad portfolio of integrated planning and execution solutions and services to help firms manage the entire supply chain — from raw materials to finished products and into customers’ hands — through any channel. The Global Support Services is a global organization with US Support ···>>> More Detailed

JD of Project Manager

POSITION:    Project Manager

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Project Manager

COMPANY:     A European tech company offering innovative Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence solutions to large retailers worldwide.


The Project Manager plays a key role in the planning, implementation and management of projects with clients in Greater China region.


  • Assessment of premises set-up prior to the deployment of the solution, including store layout, network infrastructure, key areas for analysis.
  • Coordination of on-site installation for new projects, including communication with local suppliers and partners
  • Monitoring of devices
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JD of BPM Specialist

POSITION:    BPM Specialist

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Software Development/Implementation/Java/BPM

REPORT TO:    Project Leader

COMPANY:     The global leading financial service group


  • Responsible for business requirement communication, analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation of system components and system integration.
  • Provide level 2/3 production support as required.
  • The main interfaces will be with the global BPM development and implementation team, client on-board teams as well as with other technical teams in other locations, mainly New York, NJ, Toronto, India and China.
  • Communicate with clients to analyze client requirements.
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