JD of Data Analyst

POSITION:    Data Analyst

LOCATION:    Shenzhen, China

REPORT TO:    Customer Operations Manager, Global Services

COMPANY:     The leader in cloud platform of global supply chain management


Support with transaction system and CRM system for data management, analysis and manipulation. Perform a variety of tasks related to collecting, organizing, and interpreting statistical information.


  • Assist with CRM system (like Salesforce) data management issues and data integration.
  • Regularly perform data reconciliation, classification and data cleansing exercises.
  • Administer the storage of information/data.
  • Determine the source of required data, format data
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JD of Development-Associate Director

POSITION:    Development-Associate Director

LOCATION:   Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:   Digital Marketing, Digital Studio

COMPANY: The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency


Position Summary:

Development Associate Directors are responsible for the detailed design, development and delivery of multi-terabyte marketing solutions that integrate and optimize our client’s data across numerous sources. Our solutions enable our clients to better communicate to their customer and prospects across a number of marketing channels and media. Once hired, the qualified candidate will be immersed in the development and maintenance of marketing ···>>> More Detailed


职位描述 – DBA

职位名称:    DBA

工作地点:    上海

工作类别:    数据库管理员/MySQL/Mongo DB

公司性质:    国内领先的面向企业和开发者,提供精准位置服务运营的平台型互联网公司



  • 负责DB架构设计,容灾机制;
  • 负责现有数据系统的稳定性、高可用性、扩展性的相关保障工作及性能调优;
  • 负责根据项目需求设计并制定数据库解决方案;
  • 负责性能监控和调优,能够对业务需求和事故及时响应及编写监控脚本;
  • 熟悉分布式架构与实施。



  • 精通MYSQL以及MongoDB运行机制、体系架构与性能优化;
  • 精通MYSQL以及MongoDB 的管理、扩容、备份恢复原理、性能监控及数据结构优化;
  • 精通复制、Cluster、分布式架构,熟练掌握数据库维护工具;
  • 熟悉shell/python/c/java 其中之一,能完成DB相关自动化设计;
  • 具有积极乐观的工作态度;能吃苦耐劳,能承担较大的工作压力;
  • 具有良好团队合作精神和沟通能力;
  • 熟悉 MYSQL以及MongoDB相关监控、分析、开发和管理工具;
  • 具有良好的英语阅读能力。

JD of Technical Analyst

POSITION:    Technical Analyst

LOCATION:    Shenzhen, China

JOB TYPE:     Technical Support/ Level 2 Support

COMPANY:     The leader in cloud platform of global supply chain management


Work within our Production Support team to provide technical support to a customer service call center and work with other technical teams to analyze issues, identify resolutions, bugs or required development work.


  • Monitoring of System interfaces, messages and communications
  • Trouble service call center with Level 2 application problems
  • Identify bugs and document for development fixes
  • Test development fixes
  • Documenting support
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JD of Client Service Specialist (EDI Technical Support)

POSITION:    Client Service Specialist (EDI Technical Support)

LOCATION:    Shenzhen, China

JOB TYPE:     Customer Service/Technical Support

COMPANY:     The leader in cloud platform of global supply chain management


  • Interact and manage customer’s inquiry or complaint over the phone and through email; this includes troubleshooting, answering questions, and analysis of reported issues.
  • Responds to customer’s inquiries and/or complaints in a timely manner – research and analysis customer inquiry/complaint, identify problem, respond and trouble shooting.
  • Identify and prioritize problem cases, and route cases to appropriate or designated resources for resolution
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JD of Sales Manager – North Region

POSITION:    Sales Manager – North Region

LOCATION:    Beijing, China

JOB TYPE:     Sales/Business Development/Sales Management/Account Management

COMPANY:     A top 10 global leading ERP supplier founded in 1980’s in Sweden.


  • Develops a sales strategy that ensures attainment of company sales target and profitability
  • Prepares action plans for effective search of sales leads and prospects
  • Maintain good customer relationship and the company
  • Provides timely, accurate, competitive pricing proposal to prospect for approval, while striving to maintain maximum profit margin
  • Controls expenses to meet budget guidelines
  • Adheres to all company
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JD of VP Account Leader-APJ Region

POSITION:    VP Account Leader-APJ Region

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:     Digital Marketing, Digital Studio

COMPANY:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency



  • An Account Leader who is passionate about forming and driving successful client relationships
  • Has experience in managing growth and evolution of relationships between $5 million and $15 million in annual net revenues (this excludes media spend)
  • Can lead complex multi dimensional engagements that combine agency services, data management, consulting, and large technology deployments
  • Possesses a charismatic, engaging personality and can successfully interact
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JD of Senior PL/SQL Developer

POSITION:    Senior PL/SQL developer

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:    Senior database developer

COMPANY:    A banking IT software


As a member of the development team based in Shanghai, you will be in charge to develop specific part of our solution.. Under the guidance of your manager, you are in charge of developing new solution including analysis, documentation and testing.


  • Participate in technical analysis.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and management to define architecture design and planning.
  • Develop solution using Company standards and product.
  • Build Testing and non regression
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JD of Business Analyst

POSITION:    Business Analyst

LOCATION:    Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE:    BA/Pre-Sales/Consultant

COMPANY:    A banking IT software


As a member of the Fund Accounting team, you are the main intermediary between the client and the development team based in Shanghai. Under the guidance of your manager, you are in charge of providing consultancy to new and existing clients. You train and support the clients, as well as providing functional assistance to the technical team during upgrades and other interventions. You participate in new requirement analysis.


  • Client point
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职位描述 CEO首席执行官

职位名称:    CEO首席执行官

工作地点:    北京

工作类别:    高级管理/百万年薪

公司性质:    国内领先的互联网体育平台





  • 参与网站规划:在公司经营战略指导下,进行市场调查和反馈,组织网站整体规划、风格设计、业务方向的综合策划,确立网站定位与发展方向;
  • 运营项目策划:进行目标市场、竞争态势、客户需求等的调查,撰写市场分析与评述,挖掘项目的赢利模式,策划网站运营、业务拓展和产品销售的综合推广措施,推动网站商业模式的形成和相关产品的设计、优化;
  • 栏目与内容的规划运维:根据网站定位及运营项目策划,确定相应栏目及其编辑方针,依此从信息源中筛选信息内容,进行内容的具体规划和完善,并制定具体运营项目的工作计划,组织运营项目的实施;
  • 商务拓展与合作:与其他网站、运营商建立良好的业务合作关系,发展与培养合作伙伴,协调公司与客户之间的资源,开展运营项目的推广工作,提高有效访问量,保证网络运营项目的顺利执行与业务目标的达成;
  • 运营数据分析:根据业绩、市场反馈等对网络运营项目进行监督、控制和数据分析评估,及时调整市场策略与内容,保证项目运营目标的持续达成;
  • 部门内部管理:根据公司经营方针和部门业务需要,合理设置部门组织结构和岗位,优化业务流程,合理配置人力资源,开发和培养员工能力,对员工绩效进行管理,提升部门工作效率,提高员工满意度。
  • 拟定部门年度、季度计划,负责部门业务总结,对公司年度目标任务负责,并完成公司交办的其它事项;



  • 有大型互联网公司背景,有体育行业相关创业背景的优先考虑
  • 能适应高强度工作
  • 必须要在业内要拥有丰富的市场资源,熟悉市场运作
  • 能够策划推进公司网站业务运营战略、流程与计划、组织协调各资源,实现网站运营目标
  • 熟悉网络营销的常用方法,具备网站或电子商务全程运营管理的经验
  • 能够制定网站发展计划,并执行与监督
  • 熟悉新媒体的运营体系,有市场营销理论基础,了解市场,并且能够把握市场发展节奏