JD of HR Manager

Position:    HR Manager

Location:    Shanghai, China

Job Type:     General HR function role

Company:     Global business and IT consulting company

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop, review and implement HR policies and plans according to company short, medium and long term business goals.
  • Establish fair, equitable and competitive compensation and benefit policies aimed at attracting, motivating and retaining employees.
  • Responsible for all human resources functions, including: compensation and benefits, recruitment, employees organization entry and exit; HR related policies, training and ensure compliance with PRC labor laws and regulations.
  • Localize or create HR
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JD of Database QA Manager

Position:    Database QA Manager

Location:    Nanjing, China

Industry Type:     Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

Company:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency.

Key Responsibilities:

The database QA Manager is primarily responsible for the analysis, design, planning, execution and maintenance of testing, reporting of test results, and defect management of a marketing data warehouse solution. It is also response for developing and managing a QA team.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Develop a local QA team by helping recruiting and staffing activities.
  • Lead and manage the QA team of 4
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JD of Lead Analyst

Position:    Lead Analyst

Location:    Shanghai and Nanjing

Industry Type:     Database Marketing

Company:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Individual contributor role that uses broad technical and data analysis skills as well as business and industry knowledge to identify client needs for quantitative analysis.
  • Determines relevant quantitative methods for solving client marketing issues
  • Assists in presenting ideas and findings to future and existing clients
  • Proactive and effective interaction with other internal groups throughout Company
  • Shares knowledge with other member of the analytics team
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JD of Web Designer

Position:    Web Designer / Developer

Location:    Nanjing and Shanghai

Industry Type:     Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

Company:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency.


The Web Designer / Developer, more specifically Email Campaign Developer is responsible for preparation and deployment of HTML and text email content as well as the dynamic integration into a proprietary email delivery platform.


  • Dynamic content coding
  • Content change management
  • Link tracking and email deployment using proprietary email platform.
  • Basic send and deliverability monitoring
  • Uploading HTML/Text content to email platform
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JD Of Analytics Director

Position:    Analytics Director

Location:    Shanghai China

Job Type:    Management Consultant

Company:    The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) Company.


At COMPANY we believe that finding and keeping A-talent is as important as landing a million-dollar account. We don’t just “fill seats” — we work hard to find the right people. That’s one of the reasons we’ve been so successful, and why we’ve been growing more than 20% every year. To keep up with that growth, we need to bring on an experienced Director to exceed ···>>> More Detailed


职位描述 无线产品经理

职位名称:    无线产品经理

工作地点:    菲律宾 马尼拉

公司性质:    互联网行业公司



  • 负责无线客户端产品规划、设计,拓展产品间合作,协调可用资源,协同推进整体规划
  • 负责进行产品规划、设计、优化,完成产品运营相关工作
  • 与研发团队紧密配合、协调推进达成产品目标
  • 负责监测、整理与分析用户需求、竞品动态与行业情况



  • 本科以上学历 (优秀者可不受专业限制)
  • 2年以上互联网行业产品设计经验
  • 具备手机客户端软件产品设计和管理经验 ,善于产品设计,对产品分析、数据分析、竞品分析等有见解
  • 熟悉和热爱互联网,熟悉并经常使用手机产品或应用,对产品设计感兴趣
  • 沟通与表达能力好,善于写需求文档与PPT
  • 有无线互联网从业经验,对客户端或社区产品设计和运营有心得者优先考虑
  • 有成功移动应用的产品管理经验者优先考虑

JD of Sales Leader

Position:    Sales Leader

Location:    Shanghai, China

Industry Type:     Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

Company:     The largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency with a team of over 1,700 exceptionally talented people working throughout the United States, China and the UK.


The COMPANY Sales Leader is responsible for the growth of COMPANY’s revenue through the acquisition of New Logo prospects in China and possibly the greater APAC region, and selects New Existing opportunities. This individual will develop the go to market and sales strategies for select verticals ···>>> More Detailed


职位描述 SAP BASIS顾问

职位名称:    SAP Basis顾问

工作地点:    上海

公司性质:    全球性IT信息咨询及系统集成管理提供商





  • SAP Basis的经验3年以上,具备独立进行SAP Basis项目实施的能力
  • 熟练掌握SAP Basis技术(Installation, Upgrades, System copy, Apply patch, Kernel update, TMS admin, Authorization admin, Monitoring, Disaster recovery, SAP solution manager install/config, SAP Router install/config等)
  • 熟练掌握Windows/Linux/Unix等操作系统,Oracle/SQL Server/MaxDB等数据库
  • 具备Sizing, Landscape design, performance tuning, SAP archive等经验
  • 较强的适应能力和自学能力
  • 如有ABAP经验更好



  • 英语流利
  • 英语尚可日语有基础(3级以上)

职位描述 Oracle BIEE项目经理

职位名称:    Oracle BIEE项目经理

工作地点:    上海或者广州

工作类别:    国际咨询公司,甲骨文金牌合作伙伴

公司性质:    全球性信息咨询及企业管理咨询提供商



  • 了解客户的详细需求,并编写需求说明书。
  • 能够在用户的协助下完成ORACLE ERP系统的源数据分析。
  • 建立数据模型,并于ETL顾问一起完成ORACLE数据仓库的建立和ETL过程。
  • 现场与用户沟通,完成其他变更请求。
  • 独立完成数据展现方面的内容。
  • 交付项目各个阶段所需的文档。
  • 负责SIT和UAT的测试用例和协助用户测试。
  • 负责现场上线的安装部署,及现场配合。



  • 5年以上BI领域相关经验。深刻了解BI数据展现架构。有DW,ETL经验尤佳。
  • 1-2年以上OBIEE(Siebel Analytics )项目经验。至少做过2个以上完整的OBIEE项目,并以ORACLE ERP为数据源。
  • 有BI项目需求调研,需求、设计文档编写,模型设计经验。
  • 有ORACLE ERP (EBS)的数据源经验,深入了解制造、分销、财务、人事等各个基本模块的表结构和数据抽取要求。

JD of IT Service Manager

Position:    IT Service Manager

Location:    Guangzhou, China

Industry Type:      In-House IT

Company:     A leading pan-Asian retailer Company


The company is operating a top convenient stores and Mannings, mostly in South China area. Act as a Team leader to ensure an effective IT services are delivered to support day-to-day running for Warehousing Management System and Corporate/Shared Services function in China

Key Responsibilities:

You will be supporting Senior IT Manager for the provision of all IT services and support, in accordance with the Company IT Department ‘s Quality Management ···>>> More Detailed